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Blaupunkt personal blender TBP401


Blaupunkt personal blender TBP401

vekt1,12 kg
Height:34,90 cm
Width:13,40 cm
Depth:13,40 cm
Total output power:300 W
Capacity:0,40 l
0,60 l
In set:2 cups
blades with 4 knives
cooling cartridge
Input voltage:220 - 240 V (50 - 60 Hz)

Personal blender is a perfect choice for active people who appreciate, properly balanced full of nutrition meals, and are taking care of their health. The jug could be used as a container for healthy and refreshing cocktails, which could replace traditional lunch.


Just add your favourite fruits or vegetables and water or yogurt so you can enjoy a full of nutritious drink that you can take anywhere with you. TBP401 blender by Blaupunkt is a high-quality device, designed especially for active people who care about the quality of their food. Simple, elegant design, compact dimensions and high performance are the features that will satisfy even the most demanding users.


Set includes two jars made from tritan material that hold 0,4l and 0,6l. Thanks to included lids jars could be used as containers in which you can take your cocktail for training or anywhere else, just drop chopped vegetables or fruit into the jug, press one button, and after a while you can enjoy a healthy drink. To keep your drink temperature low, you can use a special cooling sticks that are included In our set.


Vanlig pris kr 399,00

Tilbud kr 299,00


Gross weight: 1,12 kg Colour: green white Height: 34,90 cm Width: 13,40 cm Depth: 13,40 cm Producer: Blaupunkt Total output power: 300 W Capacity: 0,40 l 0,60 l In set: 2 cups blades with 4 knives cooling cartridge Input voltage: 220 - 240 V (50 - 60 Hz)

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