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Blaupunkt nuppe fjerner


Blaupunkt oppladbar nuppe fjerner

fabric shaver is a useful item which should be present in every house. It proves to be indispensable whenever you want to refresh your favourite sweater or remove fuzz from a winter coat.

When it comes to fabric-shaver charging, there are various solutions available on the market: mains electricity, battery, or accumulator-charging system. The first type requires permanent access to electricity, so you should give attention to the appropriate length of cable in order to use the device freely. The second type makes us less dependent on access to electricity; however, spare batteries are needed. The best solution is a model with a supplied charger, which can be used at any time and place. The new Blaupunkt RLR301 clothes shaver belongs to the last category, combining effectiveness, efficiency and independence. In addition, USB charging allows you to use a universal notebook, laptop or mobile phone charger, which adds to the comfort of using the device.


Vanlig pris kr 249,00

Tilbud kr 199,00

Lagerstatus: På lager


  • Rechargeable
  • Working time up to 45 min, fully charged after 8 hours
  • USB charging
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High quality NiMH batteries
  • Diameter of blades 4,2cm
  • Power supply: 5V, 0,2A
  • Weight: 0,15kg

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