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Devil bluetooth headset

Art.nr: FORE-GSM041680
34% rabatt
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Wire earphones with magnetic elements

Forever presents wire headphones from The Sweet Animals family. Each creature has its own personality, but they share love for music and good sound. They are delicate to ears due to padded surface and limitation of volume to 85 dB. They are a part of a large The Sweet Animals family, so they eagerly share music with other devices. They have interchangeable ears, claws, horns and eyes, which are attached using a magnet. Moreover, they reveal their double power through eyes and claws, illuminated with LEDs. Chin up! The Sweet Animals ensure ultimate fun.

Illuminating additions (2 units):
Battery technical data: 3 x LR41-1.5 V 35 mAh
Battery life: 4 hours (flash mode)
LED control method
Switch in four modes:
1- high frequency,
2- low frequency,
3- color change,
4- illumination mode activation
Is battery replaceable: Yes
Additions connection: magnetic
Support platform: computer / mobile phone / tablet / laptop etc.

Producer: TelForceOne
Total output power: 10 mW
Cable length: 1,20 m
Frequency range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Brand: Forever
Additional informations: Two-channel stereo output
parent-child interaction
Sharing music via additional cable
Complies with: Uniwersalne/Uniwersalne/Uniwersalne
Speaker impedance: 32 Ω ± 10%


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