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Smartwatch Forever ForeVigo SW-300 rose gold

Art.nr: FORE-GSM093544
Vennligst velg

Forever ForeVigo SW-300 Vanntett Smartklokke - Bluetooth 4.2, IP67, 180mAh

App for IOS og android

Keep tracking your daily activities and health condition with Forever ForeVigo SW-300. It is packed with smart features that allow you to track your heart rate, sleep quality, traveled distance, and burned calories. You can also set goals you want to achieve for each day. Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity ensures a fast and simple connection to your smartphone. You will be able to receive a message, or any other important notification, and to control the music played on the smartphone. With two interchangeable straps, you can choose a style of your Forever ForeVigo SW-300 according to the occasion.

- Forever ForeVigo SW-300 waterproof smartwatch
- Ease of use in every situation and for every occasion
- Tracks your fitness activities and health condition
- Tracks your daily steps, distance, and burned calories
- Pair with your smartphone for notifications and music control
- A rubber sports strap and an elegant stainless steel strap
- The IP67 rating means you can wear it in any weather conditions
- 180mAh battery provides up to 10 days of working time

- Bluetooth version: v4.2
- Battery capacity: 180mAh
- Display size: 1.3"
- Resolution: 240 x 240
- Working time: up to 10 days
- Charging time: 2h
- Waterproof certification: IP67

Package includes:
- 1 x Forever ForeVigo SW-300 smartwatch
- 2 x Interchangeable strap
- 1 x USB charger
- 1 x User manual

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